British Transport Police

British Transport Police

Interim Head of Wellbeing, Health and Safety – British Transport Police

* 20 day contract with extensions through to 12 months

* Major internal review required after significant shortcomings found in risk management systems

* Led a major internal H&S review after discovering serious issues with risk identification and management; reduced legal risk and reputational risk by significantly improving compliance

* Advised the ‘Health and Safety Gold Group’ which was formed to manage BTP’s highest risks

* Restructured H&S and Occupational Health (OH) teams, resulting in better reporting and more impactful line management

* Liaised with BTP Federation (Union) Reps, consulting on changes to members’ conditions, risks etc

* Led a high profile relaunch of Force-wide Occupational Health provisions

* Reduced risks faced by various teams: Counter Terrorism Support Unit, Firearms, Custody, Body Recovery, Suicide Prevention and canine units

* Improved the competence of the H&S team, significantly reducing performance risk

* Implemented Trauma Risk Management training (TRiM) and support services

* Introduced a 12 month WHS Strategy, with key responsibilities allocated to key officer and staff roles

* Streamlined cumbersome Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), making them easily digestible, effective and impactful

* Significantly improved quality of officer and staff training, in turn increasing the resilience of BTP’s people

* Worked with British Transport Police Authority (controlling Authority), ensuring they met their Duty of Care

* Supported Disaster Victim Identification team including specialist vaccinations for high risk countries

* Improved Employee Assistance Program support and reporting

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