Wellbeing, Health & Safety Consulting

* 6 month on-site project to ascertain the level of risk presented due to fatigue, stress and other Wellbeing, Health and Safety issues

* Formal review of easyJet’s fatigue risk management systems and assessments was required

* Implemented improvements that reduced the risk of fatigued pilots flying commercial aircraft

* Replaced external Occupational Health service provider with a more effective provider, setting up firm KPIs and SLAs to illustrate compliance and improvement, thereby reducing overall legal risk, performance risk and reputational risk, and improving staff morale

* Implemented Stress Management procedures and recording abilities, allowing the airline to assess the long-term impact of stress and burnout in aviation

* Introduced a Wellbeing Policy, firmly illustrating the airline’s commitment to the Wellbeing, Health & Safety of its people

* Implemented Wellbeing, Mental Health, and H&S improvement plans and designed associated internal communications

* Made recommendations to client senior management and Trade Union body BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association)

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